Plaid Slam Loss Of Local Democracy over New Public Service Board For Gwent

Public Service Board in Gwent – claiming it will lead to a loss of local democracy.

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the Plaid Cymru group, told a special meeting of Caerphilly Council: “We are not happy with the proposal and even more unhappy with the process involved. We are concerned about the loss of local democracy and the way the public has been treated.

“This idea was discussed and accepted in what is in effect a private meeting.  The decision was made to change to a Gwent model with no real consultation. In spite of the proposal being scrutinised in this council nothing has substantially changed. What difference has scrutiny made?

“There is now a proposal to carry out a consultation exercise with the public.  We are very much in favour of meaningful consultation but many will think that this is a total waste of time and resources when there appears to be no possibility of anything changing. What is the incentive for anyone to take part in this sham exercise?

The council was asked to note the report and also note a decision that had already been made by constituent partners across the region. The PSB is due to start work in September this year.

The Gwent board will include representatives from all five local authorities and other public bodies such as the police and fire service and will look at issues on a strategic basis.

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