Police Take Away 13 ‘Dangerous’ Dogs In Caerphilly This Year, Local Councillors Told

Police have seized 13 dogs in the Caerphilly area so far this year on suspicion of being banned breeds, local  councillors in Penyrheol ward have been told.

The enforcement action has been welcomed by Councillor Lindsay Whittle, who is the leader of the Plaid Cymru group on Caerphilly council and a Penyrheol ward member.

In just over two years an 11-year-old boy and an 83-year-old woman living in the Penyrheol ward have died from dog attacks.

In an email to ward councillors, Inspector Rhys Caddick, whose area covers Caerphilly South and Bedwas, dated February 3rd, wrote: “Due to information received yesterday evening the team progressed an emergency warrant application today with magistrates that was approved.  We executed the warrant this evening at a property in (Penyrheol).  Two dogs have been seized from the address on suspicion of being a banned breed, thought to be of pit bull type. As with other recent seizures the dogs are being cared for pending examination. 

“This is the 13th dog seized from Caerphilly South this year.”

Last month, he explained, that an adult dog and six puppies were seized in Hendredenny due to concerns they were pitbulls. The Inspector said that on January 14th police had issued their first Community Protection Warning (CPW) against a dog owner who was allowing an American Bully type dog to roam the street outside their address in Hendredenny, both unrestrained not accompanied by the owner. 

Councillor Lindsay Whittle said: “I would like to thank Gwent Police and local police officers for their high profile action against the owners of potentially dangerous dogs.

“I would urge any resident to report any dog they fear is a dangerous breed.  Families in our community have been left devastated by dog attacks so action to reduce the chances of similar incidents is welcomed.

“Breeds of dogs seized also need to be identified within weeks and dogs returned to the owners only if the authorities are satisfied it is safe to do so. There needs to be consideration for the welfare of the seized animal.

"It is also important that Parliament toughen the legislation covering dangerous dogs to better protect the public." 

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