​We’ll Switch Street Lights Back On – Plaid Cymru Pledge

Plaid Cymru today pledged it will begin a massive street lights switch on if it wins back control of Caerphilly County Borough Council in May’s elections.

It is one of the key promises to voters in the party’s local manifesto which will be launched next week, ahead of the May 5th vote.

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the Plaid Cymru group, said: “Almost 23,000 street lights have been switched off in the early hours during the last two years. Every single ward, every single village and town has been impacted with hundreds and sometimes more than 1,000 street lights turned off in local communities during the early hours.

“But decisions like this have consequences.  A huge amount of people have told us that they feel vulnerable because streets have been plunged into pitched black. Women walking home should not have to do so in complete darkness but it appears that the Labour council does not care about the safety concerns of residents.”

Councillor Colin Mann added “Labour was caught out claiming switching lights off was done as part of carbon reduction measures. But it was revealed that all energy supplied to street lights comes from carbon-free, green renewable sources. This deliberate action by the Labour leadership has been all about saving money and it comes at a time when they have £180m in reserves sitting unused in the bank and additional funding from the Welsh Government.

“If people want to see lights back on overnight then they can achieve this by voting Plaid Cymru on May 5th,” added Councillor Colin Mann.

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