'Bluebell Wood’ Campaigners Stage Protest at Auctioneers Over Land Sale

Picture: Deborah Wright

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Sale Delayed, according to the Caerphilly Observer - https://caerphilly.observer/news/1016221/more-time-to-save-llanbradachs-bluebell-woods-after-sale-halted/

Placard-waving campaigners from Llanbradach lobbied a Newport auction house today (Monday) over the proposed sale of a beauty spot known locally as “bluebell wood”.

The protestors were invited inside for discussions at Paul Fosh Auctions, which is selling 31 acres of land off Pandy Road.

Llanbradach Plaid Cymru Councillor Colin Mann, who was part of the deputation that met Paul Fosh, described the talks as frank but cordial.

Councillor Colin Mann said: “We explained to Mr Fosh that we were very concerned that the land was in danger of being sold without the proper information being disclosed. There is no legal access from Pandy Road onto the land because Welsh Water have made it quite clear that they won’t allow it.

“Also, if someone goes ahead and buys this land the ruling from Caerphilly CBC planners is that the purchaser has to restore the land to its original condition.  The council also has a right to restore the land and charge the owner if appropriate action is not taken.

“If the land isn’t sold then we would like a reasonable opportunity of at least three months to try and raise the money to buy the land on behalf of the community.”

He added: “Mr Fosh said that the sale – due to start tomorrow (Tuesday) – would not go ahead unless the necessary legal documents with the correct and full information were received.

“Mr Fosh made it clear that the company is merely selling land on behalf of the owner Karl O’Dare, who was a client just like others selling land or property through the auction house.

“We would like a proper conversation with Mr O’Dare who we are willing and happy to meet on a cordial basis, said Cllr Mann.”

The minimum opening bid asked for the land is £135,000, a reduction of around £40,000 from the original guide price. So far around £9,500 has been raised since the GoFundMe appeal was launched on January 16th this year and there is an expectation of that more than doubling shortly.

  • Bluebells are protected in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

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