BTM Council Condemned After Blocking Bid To Discuss Flooding Woes

Labour-run Bedwas, Trethomas & Machen Council has been condemned after blocking a motion that called for action over flooding problems that have plagued the community. 

In the motion, Plaid Cymru Councillor Daniel Llewellyn called on the community council to urge the county council and Natural Resources Wales to tackle the problem of flooding.

Despite submitting the motion ahead of the seven-day minimum notice period, Councillor Daniel Llewellyn failed to get a satisfactory explanation for the refusal to accept it.

Councillor Daniel Llewellyn said: “It beggars belief that the community council does not feel able to discuss an issue which is causing real anxiety to our residents in our community. If it is not to discuss problems like flooding and take action, I have to wonder what the community council stands for.

“During recent storms, I had numerous calls from worried residents.  Water was pouring from the tip down Navigation Road with Glebe Road suffering the most.   In addition, the Fishermans and Bedwas square were inundated last year.   It’s already at high risk, but the County continues to allow major building developments upriver around Caerphilly.   With increased rainfall from climate change, Trethomas and Bedwas are increasingly at risk.”

Local resident and Plaid Campaigner Marc Hubbard added: “This is yet another failure by the community council to act for the residents. They failed to support Councillor Llewellyn`s motion on the Ty Yn Y Pwll pub and voted out his motion asking for action on the  Bedwas Tips.  It is a crying shame that the community council cannot support representations to ensure that residents are protected from flooding in the future.” 

Last night at a council meeting the chair failed to explain to Councillor Llewellyn why his motion was not accepted. The authority also changed its standing orders so that the clerk and chair could in future reject notices of motion considered improper.

The rejected motion in full read: 

“This Council notes the distress and worry faced by residents during the recent storms. This Council also notes that there were a number of localized flooding issues across the ward as a result of: 

  1. a)  Rapid run - off of water into residential areas from Bedwas Mountain e.g Derwyn Las, Bedwas.
  2. b)  Rapid overflow from the lagoon at Bedwas tip which caused run - off down Navigation Street and flooding issues in Llanfabon Drive, Newport Road and Glebe Road, Trethomas. 
  3. c)  The persistent and long standing problem of the blockage of drains by debris from fallen leaves carried down by run-off from Bedwas tip causing flooding in Trethomas. 

"This council resolves to urge the relevant authorities, Caerfili County Borough Council and Natural Resources Wales to draw up a plan outlining measures to tackle and solve these issues. 

"This council also resolves to call on Caerfili County Borough Council to reject all future housing development proposals in the Caerfili Basin, including Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen until the potential flood hazard, caused by such developments is properly assessed, taking into account the increasing rainfall caused by climate change.”

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