Caerphilly Councillor Backs Charity Helping Those Facing Domestic Abuse

Councillor Charlotte Bishop

Caerphilly councillor Charlotte Bishop will be visiting an International Women’s Day event in the town next month that will focus on issues such as domestic abuse and period poverty.

The event at the bandstand on Wednesday, March 8th, is being hosted by the charity, Threshold DAS. Threshold  is committed to the elimination of violence and abuse of women, men, children and young people.

Councillor Charlotte Bishop, who represent the Aber Valley ward, said that she was currently taking part in a domestic abuse and sexual violence course with the aim of helping those in her community affected by such issues.

“International Women’s Day is an important day in the calendar not only highlighting the former battles women have fought, for example the women’s vote and equal pay, but to celebrate the achievements of our foremothers. But it also shines a light on numerous global issues such as gender equality, domestic abuse and period poverty.”

“I’ll be chatting with the charity about the courses they provide, past experiences and the issue of domestic abuse.”

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