2022 Was The Year To Freeze Council Tax, Says Plaid Leader

Plaid Cymru group leader Colin Mann blasted a proposed 1.9% council tax rise - arguing that residents should not have to pay a penny more.

He revealed that the council was sitting on £180m in reserves - a figure that had increased by £60m since 2019.

Councillor Colin Mann told tonight's (Thursday) budget meeting: "Caerffili County Borough Council will have received £28 million from the Welsh Government to support this year’s budget, equivalent to over £190 for each adult living in the borough.

"The council is also sitting on £180 million in reserves, I repeat £180 million pounds, around £1000 for every man, woman and child in the borough.  This figure has hugely escalated by no less than £60 million since 2019

"I heard the deputy council leader claiming yesterday that this is a socialist administration.  How can he say this when his administration has decided yet again to raid the pockets of our Council Taxpayers?

"Everyone in this meeting knows only too well about the serious issues facing all our residents with prices rocketing for energy, fuel, even basic foodstuffs.  We must not forget the National Insurance increases which are about to hit us in April.  The council should not be adding a single extra penny to people’s Cost-of-Living crisis."

He added: "In the midst of all these issues this Labour administration has decided to increase Council Tax yet again.  Council tax is the highest monthly outgoing for many people! It would have been possible to freeze or actually decrease the amount asked for.  Please justify this to the increasing numbers of people, even working people, relying on foodbanks to get by.

"Council Tax has risen by a massive 40% in the period of this administration since 2012, from £897 on Band D to £1,253.  Wage inflation on average was 29.57% but millions of workers, including those working for this council, have received much less. I am happy to recognise that there are good proposals in the budget.  For example an increase in Community Safety Wardens, Trading Standards and flood protection. All these proposals and others could have been achieved without any increase in the rate of Council Tax

"What does Labour in this borough do to help people who have to choose between heating and eating?  Answer - they increase the tax burden. This year’s proposed increase is relatively small compared to some past years but if there was ever a year to freeze the tax it is NOW - 2022."






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