Councillors Back Demand For St David’s Day Holiday

Caerphilly Council members have backed a motion from Plaid Cymru councillor Teresa Parry calling for St David’s Day to be made a public holiday.

The authority, with no dissenting voices, agreed to make representations to the Welsh and UK Governments to request a national holiday to mirror those already in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Councillor Teresa Parry, who represents Hengoed ward, said: “It is wrong that people in Wales are discriminated against and not given a day off on St David’s Day while other UK nations have public holidays for St Andrew’s and St Patrick’s Day.

“The right to call a holiday should be with the Welsh Government and no one in Westminster should be able to thwart our desire. Wales is being treated as a second class nation and that is appalling.

“I’m pleased the amended motion received support from all groups within Caerphilly Council’s chamber.”


St David's Day is an important day in the Welsh year, and for our national culture, and we welcome the Motion in its ambition to celebrate our Patron Saint's day as a formal public holiday.

However, we feel this must be done the right way. It would not be right or fair for those employees of CCBC alone to benefit from a public holiday, whilst their family members or neighbours employed elsewhere do not.

That is why, in the interests of fairness and equity, instead we would like to make representations to the Welsh Government and the UK Government to request a national public holiday to mirror those already set out in Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

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