Delyth Jewell calls for an end to the 'callousness of means testing' in demand for extension to free school meals


In a debate on Wednesday 16th December in the Senedd,  Caerphilly Candidate Delyth Jewell spoke of the need for the Welsh Government to extend free school meals to all children from families who receive Universal Credit, or who have no recourse to public funds.  

Speaking in the debate, Delyth argued "free school meals don’t begin and end with the meal: they create shared experiences, forge bonds, stop stigma and shame."

"They lessen stress for children and their families, and advance children’s emotional and physical development.  Children who go hungry are more likely to suffer with chronic illnesses, anxiety, and depression.  And they’re more likely to go on to suffer from diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease."

Ultimately, the motion failed, with Labour MS' voting overwhelmingly against the motion. 

Speaking after the vote, Jewell stated "If you agree with me, I'm sure you'll share my dismay that all Labour and Tory MSs voted against this important motion."

See the speech Delyth made in the debate below.


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