House-builders Told Proposed Name For New Homes Development An 'Insult'

Community councillors have condemned plans to name a new housing development after the man that built Caerphilly Castle to “keep the unruly Welsh people down”. 

Penyrheol, Trecenydd and Energlyn Community Council has voted to lodge an official objection to the name De Clare Gardens, a Redrow scheme in Hendredenny, Caerphilly. 

Councillor Lindsay Whittle, who has written to developers, Redrow, said: “Gilbert De Clare built Caerphilly Castle in the 13th Century. An ally of Henry III, he had the castle constructed to keep the unruly Welsh people down. He is also said to have led the massacre of the Jews at Canterbury, hardly the sort of person you should be naming a development after. 

 “I’m very surprised that a house-builder with its headquarters in Wales should show such insensitivity. Didn’t someone at Redrow do some research on De Clare? 

“To give this part of Hendredenny this name is also a total insult to the campaigners who fought Redrow. It gives an impression of Redrow showing contempt for local public opinion.” 

Councillor Lindsay Whittle, a former leader of Caerphilly County Borough Council, called on Redrow to scrap the proposed name and discuss a more suitable one with the local community which better reflected modern Wales.

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  • Graham Cole
    commented 2021-01-19 20:48:47 +0000
    Ha ha ! You’ve got to hand it to Redrow. What a major piss-take response to the unruly Council
    who had the audacity to object to this development ! Of course this development should never be going ahead unless they agree to consruct a new link to the roundabout. Otherwise there will obviously be log-jams at the nearby traffic lights.
    Temporary or not, this name has to be altered. Come-on now Redrow you’ve made your point, you’ve had a little giggle, now get it changed !!

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