Labour Politician Says Sorry Over Legal Action Threats Against Plaid Councillor

A Senior Caerphilly Labour politician has issued a public apology over the threat of legal action against a Plaid Cymru councillor.

Councillor Derek Havard offered a “profused and unreserved apology” to Bedwas Trethomas and Machen (BTM) community councillor Daniel Llewellyn.

The row blew up earlier this year after Labour councillors on the community council decided not to support a motion tabled by the Plaid councillor on a proposed development of apartments at the former Tyn-y-Pwl pub in Trethomas.

Councillor Havard, deputy leader of BTM Community Council, explained why he did not support the motion and then added:  “You haven’t got a seconder Dan, so it's not going anyway, but if it had I would have moved to withdraw it. That’s my statement if you want to put this on Facebook. I warn you that if you put it on and you get it word perfect, full stop perfect then I will take legal action against you.  I am making that statement in front of everyone.”

Councillor Havard, who is also a member of Caerphilly County Borough Council, issued an apology last month, the minutes of which were approved last week.

The minute reported: “Councillor Havard advised that no elected member should feel intimidated or bullied and he wished to withdraw the statement made. Councillor Havard wished to offer his profuse and unreserved apology. Councillor Llewellyn accepted the apology.”

Councillor Daniel Llewellyn said: “I was absolutely stunned when Councillor Havard issued a threat of legal action if I posted anything on Facebook on this issue that he was not happy with. That’s not the way for any councillor, never mind a very experienced member, to behave.

“I did feel he was bullying me and it disappointed me because I was merely trying through my motion to raise an issue which is of great concern to the local community. Unfortunately, Councillor Havard ‘lost it’.

“It has taken a little while but I’m pleased that Councillor Havard has recognised his actions were unacceptable and apologised and I accept his apology. I hope nothing like this happens again in the council chamber because we are all elected to represent  the people.”

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