School Governor Hits Out Over Refusal To Replace Lollipop Lady

School Governor Councillor John Roberts has called for an urgent rethink over a decision to remove a crossing patrol outside a primary school sited on a busy road.

Councillor John Roberts, Plaid Cymru member for the Aber Valley, said that he feared the decision to withdraw the crossing patrol would put young children at Nant-y-Parc Primary in Senghenydd in danger.

Councillor Roberts said: “The school was notified last month that the lollipop lady was retiring last week. They contacted Caerphilly Council’s road safety team immediately to find out about a replacement. They were told an analysis would have to be carried out as the lollipop lady was retiring.

“The school, which has around 225 pupils, was told yesterday (Wednesday) that a risk analysis showed no need for a crossing patrol now. Commercial Street, where the school is sited, is a busy road, it’s the only road up and down the whole valley.

“Also there are two roads turning off it right near the school, two normally quite busy bus stops and a working service garage right opposite. The road also seems popular with white van traffic, making their way over the mountain, onto Nelson and the A470.

“The road is like lots of places these days because of COVID-19. It is a tad quieter but will be back just as busy as before. But it is still an area to be anxious about and needs a crossing patrol. We hear so much about making school safe for pupils these days – then the council do this- bonkers.

“If the crossing patrol is not replaced, it will put our children in danger and that is totally unacceptable. We need an urgent rethink from Caerphilly Council.”

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  • Tracy Jereb
    commented 2020-11-13 20:07:23 +0000
    That road is a death trap just outside the school and a crossing patrol is essential. There have been 2 accidents in the last 12 months not 30 yard from that spot where the railings around the Memorial Garden were flattened due to drivers taking that bend way too fast. A rethink is needed before a child is killed or seriously injured. Well done Councillor John Roberts for championing this.
  • Victoria Wontner
    commented 2020-11-13 14:35:22 +0000
    A crossing patrol assistant is desperately needed for this school! Thank you Councillor John Roberts for fighting to keep our children safe xx

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