One Way Scheme To Stop Rat-Running Drivers Given Go Ahead

Years of campaigning by Plaid Cymru councillors for a one-way system to stop drivers using a narrow Caerphilly street as a rat run have been given the go-ahead. 

More than four years ago residents in Dol-y-Felin Street in Caerphilly staged a placard-waving demonstration calling for action by Caerphilly County Borough Council. 

Under current regulations, motorists are banned from turning left from Mill Road and turning right from Pontygwindy Road but many drivers ignored the rules.  

This caused conflict with the narrow street often blocked, a number of cases of cars being damaged and rows between residents and motorists. The new layout will make it unlikely that drivers will take the detour. 

Town councillor Mike Prew (pictured left), who lives in the street and has witnessed and suffered the abuse that many residents have endured, said “This is welcome news and will bring to an end the use of Dol-y-Felin Street as a rat run for over 1,000 vehicles a day. Hopefully, we will see an end to the conflict and abuse that residents saw almost every day.” 

Fellow councillor Phil Bevan (pictured right), who called for action on the issue for many years, said “I am pleased our latest campaign to solve this problem has finally been successful. However, it took four-and-a-half years to get to this point and I am sure things could have moved faster with cross-party support on the county council.” 

New Plaid Cymru Councillor Martin Downes (pictured centre) added: “It has not been an easy journey, and you wonder why it should have taken so long. However, we seem to be where

we want to be now showing that perseverance and the patience of residents has finally paid off.”

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