Open Day Centres Safely, Urges Plaid Cymru Leader

Plaid Cymru councillors are calling for urgent action to reopen day centres safely for vulnerable people in Caerphilly County.

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the Plaid Cymru group, says that council officials were still waiting for guidance from the Welsh Government but some other authorities were already offering some day care provision.

Before the pandemic around 600 people made use of day care facilities in Caerphilly County.

Councillor Colin Mann said: “I do appreciate precautions need to be considered.  At the same time, the council is also suggesting that only four people will eventually be accommodated in each session in halls that previously held 30.   That does seem to be ultra cautious.

“While the day centres are shut carers are under an immense amount of  constant pressure with little or no relief.  As a carer said to me, ‘This is a 24/7, 365 day job.  It doesn’t stop’.  There must be a balance between the possible dangers to clients and the needs of carers who do need a break if only for a few hours. This also begs the question: When are the benefits of vaccinations going to be seen?

“I am told that some people have had a one-to-one service but that is not everyone.  Some have also benefited from respite care but that tends to be an occasional thing.

“I understand that there are other councils who are opening up centres so there does seem to be some local discretion involved even before the Welsh Government guidelines come out. I hope we can move forward quickly and give relief to hard-pressed carers.”



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