Caerphilly Council To Open Up Meetings Over The Internet To Journalists

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Journalists will be able to view meetings of Caerphilly Council live after an appeal from Plaid Cymru.

The group’s leader Colin Mann wrote to the council leader Philippa Marsden and chief executive, Christine Harrhy to ask if it would be possible to view the meeting. which takes  place over Microsoft Teams, as they happen rather than pick up the session later on the internet.

Councillor Colin Mann wrote: “I understand that local journalists are not as yet being given access to CCBC meetings live.  I realise that recordings are available usually the day after the meeting. 

“Unfortunately the day after is sometimes not timely bearing in mind the deadlines that newspapers work to.

 “Could you please arrange that journalists are given the opportunity to view meetings live?  This would, of course, replicate the situation prior to the pandemic when they were able to attend meetings in person. 

“It is my understanding that some of our neighbouring authorities already provide the live viewing facility.” 

Councillor Mann said that he was very pleased that the council  leadership had agreed to his request.

 Responding Christine Harrhy said: “Thanks for the email. I’m not aware that we have received any requests from the press since our Cabinet meetings have been up and running, but the Leader and I are quite happy for the Press to observe the virtual meetings and I’ve asked Steve (Steve Pugh is the council's, Communications Manager) to contact the Press in readiness for our next scheduled Cabinet (this applies to any other public virtual meeting too!).”

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