Plaid Leader Hits Out At Caerphilly’s Falling Recycling Rate

Plaid Cymru councillors has questioned the slump in Caerphilly Council’s recycling rate,  now the second worst in Wales.

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the opposition Plaid Cymru group, said:  “It was hugely disappointing to read that recycling rates at Caerphilly County Borough Council had fallen to 61.9%, the second year in a row that the Labour councillors had missed the all-Wales target of 64% and is the second lowest in Wales after Cardiff.

“This is not acceptable, particularly given the drive across the UK to reduce the throwaway society and create a better and more sustainable environment.

“Last year when recycling rates in Caerphilly fell, the Cabinet Member for Waste and Public Protection blamed the fraudulent activity of a processing company. He said that without that Caerphilly would have been among the best performers for recycling.

Well, we’re a year on and the recycling rate has fallen again. What’s the excuse now? Clearly, a much higher priority needs to be given to recycling by the Labour-run authority if we are to climb up the Wales league table.

“Back in 2011, the former Plaid Cymru administration achieved a 57% recycling rate, So, in a decade the rate has increased by under five percent. That is a significant failure and the council has to do a lot better,” added Councillor Colin Mann.

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