Plaid Leader Slams Plans To Spend £297,000 Recruiting Two Top Officers

Plaid Cymru councillors have attacked plans by Labour-run Caerphilly Council to appoint two new senior officers at a cost of almost £300,000 a year.

Group leader Lindsay Whittle said that the money would be better spent on recruiting key frontline staff rather than appointing a new Deputy Chief Executive costing £189,000 and Deputy Section 151 Finance Officer on a £108,000 package.

Councillor Lindsay Whittle said: “The council has argued because of the economic crisis we are in an unprecedented time with rising costs and extra work required so the spending of £297,000 is justified.

“But frankly I can’t see the justification for putting two more officers on fat salaries. Our frontline staff also face unprecedented challenges as a result of the cost of living crisis.

“I know from experience of one of my constituents that the pressure frontline care staff are under. They can only spend 15 minutes with a client and in that time they have to prepare and feed them. Staff are also turning up at homes as late as 11pm to put people to bed due to heavy demand and a shortage of care staff.

“The council would be far better paying higher wages to attract these type of workers rather than huge salaries to recruit a couple of senior officers. The council seems to have forgotten the senior officers’ pay scandal and the big pay rises that lasted seven years.

“There’s a massive cost of living crisis but Labour has got its priorities all wrong. If we have £300,000 available to spend then that should go on bringing in staff on the frontline to help those most in need. To do otherwise suggests the council is out of touch with what is happening in the real world.”

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