Plaid Slate Labour Over Flawed Day Care Proposals

After Labour's botched consultation on the future of daycare services across Caerphilly County, Labour's out-of-touch Cabinet Member yesterday announced a further consultation exercise. But Plaid members are far from happy with the way carers and the most vulnerable are being treated.
Plaid group leader Councillor Colin Mann and Councillor Steve Skivens, Plaid member of the social services scrutiny committee issued the following statement.
Councillor Colin Mann said: “While I welcome the news that the original partial consultation is being scrapped and the proposals re-evaluated, this smacks of an attempt by Labour to save face over a deeply flawed process. They are trying to buy time, probably until after next year’s council elections.
“My concern is that changes are still being implemented with a unilateral decision to cut the service and hours to carers and some of the most vulnerable people in the county borough. They are also changing the terms and conditions of staff while not doing anything to increase the hours of support and are using the pandemic as an excuse to cut support. That is totally unacceptable and should be stopped.
“The council is not being upfront about why they are proposing changes and the suspicion among many carers is that it is all about an attempt to save money at the expense of the vulnerable.”
Councillor Steve Skivens added: “Communication must be key and a case study approach must be adopted in future so that not only the legal duty is discharged but all involved assist in the assessment and solution.
“Plaid has asked for a moratorium that should include staff changes and notice letters sent to them.”

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