Plans For New £120,000 A Year Council Director Pulled

Plaid Cymru has learned that plans for the appointment of a new council director at Caerphilly County at a salary of at least £120,000 have been dropped.

Proposals were drawn up at Labour-run Caerphilly Council to reorganise the current directorate, splitting Economy from the Environment which could result in an additional director being appointed.

Plaid Cymru MS Delyth Jewell, who is standing in Caerphilly at next year’s Senedd elections, said: “We learned only today that the Labour Cabinet had blocked plans to appoint another chief officer on six-figure salary.

“Clearly, the priorities were wrong in drafting these proposals at this time particularly when they want to remove a school crossing patrol in Senghenydd which has caused real road safety concerns among parents.”

Former council leader Councillor Lindsay Whittle said: “I was totally opposed to appointing another director. How could the council plead poverty while officials were looking at appointing a chief officer on a hefty salary plus pension contributions?

“The public would have been furious even if there was an argument that savings could be found to fund this role. I’m pleased this proposal has consigned to the dustbin but it should never have been proposed.

“If the council was willing to fund this post perhaps they will now  spend the money on protecting school crossing patrols.”






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