Rethink 7.9% Council Tax Rise, Plaid Leader’s Appeal to Out of Touch Labour Leadership

A 7.9% council tax rise in Caerphilly in the middle of a cost of living crisis is totally unacceptable, said Plaid Cymru’s group leader Lindsay Whittle.

Councillor Lindsay Whittle, who was speaking ahead of this week’s budget setting, said: “If members of the Labour group think an increase is justifiable then they must be living in a parallel world.

“To expect people struggling to find another 7.9% on their bills is totally unacceptable and it shows out of touch they are with how people are living. Council tax is already the biggest monthly bill for many in Caerphilly and this rise will make it even worse for so many.

“I urge the Labour group to think again. There is no reason given the enormous increase in reserves over the last couple of years for anyone to be paying more in council tax.”

Councillor Colin Mann, Plaid Cymru’s finance spokesman, said that he welcomed last week’s announcement by Labour leaders of a partial withdrawal of some budget cuts.

“But the fact is that Councillor Sean Morgan (council leader) and his Labour Cabinet should not have even considered these in the first place. Who suggested these cuts in the first place?    

Labour is still hitting very hard-working community volunteers such as those who run the community centres and amateur sports clubs in the county.  A rise of 12% to use pitches is still far too much. The council should be helping the clubs to operate not putting obstacles in their way.  What happened to the Healthy Living Agenda that they are always preaching about? ”  

“Labour is claiming to have listened to residents.  They don’t seem to have heard the views of almost three-quarters (74%) of residents who do not agree with 7.9%.  Thirty-five per cent said they do not agree with any council tax rise with 39% wanting a lower rise than the one proposed. 

“Are they living in the real world, I think not.”

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  • Nigel Hiscox
    commented 2023-02-21 15:29:31 +0000
    What rot! They do not need this rise in tax, they want it…..what about all the money in reserve that hasn’t been spent. Labour Council has no idea what people are going through, the people making these budget decisions are so far removed from the residents of Caerphilly .
    3 new members of staff for 300k
    What a bargain……total rot!

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