Senedd Member Under Fire Over ‘Cheap Shot’ At Council Officers

Senedd Member Hefin David has been accused of a “cheap shot” after he blamed council officers in Caerphilly for the loss of two seats to Plaid Cymru at last week’s elections.

In a tweet, Hefin David, who grew up in Penpedairheol and is a former St Cattwg ward councillor, wrote: “Our losses in St Cattwg aren’t due to elected members but a consistent failure of the corporate leadership of Caerphilly County Borough Council to take seriously the concerns of the community over mny years.” One of those concerns is the impact of the Bryn Quarry in Gelligaer on local residents.

Plaid Deputy Leader  Councillor John Taylor said: “Labour has been supposedly running Caerphilly Council since 2012, so it is a bit rich to take a cheap shot at council officers. One has to wonder who is actually running the council and what were the local Labour ward members doing? Labour is always quick to claim credit for any successes but they also need to accept the blame for any failures.”

And the group leader Colin Mann added: “The all-party Bryn Liaison group was set up by the former Plaid Cymru administration in 2010. It was scrapped by Labour in 2018 after consultation with the St Cattwg Ward Labour Councillors, including Hefin’s father, Wynne David.

“Labour claimed it was no longer needed as all the problems had been resolved. The council set up a group following a call by Plaid councillor Rob Gough at a planning committee meeting where representatives of the residents outlined the continuing problems associated with this site.  Non-Labour councillors were not included in that group.

 “In addition, Natural Resources Wales started taking action against the quarry company over the plastic contamination of soil after the problems were highlighted in the Senedd by Plaid MS Delyth Jewell." 

  • As well as winning two of the three seats in the St Cattwg ward in the county elections, Plaid Cymru also won all but one of the seats on Gelligaer Community Council.

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