Keep Street Lights On Over New Year’s Eve, Pleads Caerphilly Mayor

Councillor Mike Prew has called on Caerphilly County Borough Council to keep the lights on beyond the normal switch-off time of 12 midnight for at least 30 minutes.

Under the county’s policy all street lights in residential areas are turned off between 12 midnight and 5.30am, a policy which has drawn widespread criticism from the public and Plaid Cymru and led to calls for a rethink, even from Labour politicians.

Councillor Mike Prew said: “I think everyone will agree that 2020 has been a terrible year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the various lockdowns we have suffered.

“Caerphilly was the first area of Wales to go into a local lockdown and I think we should offer residents the opportunity to clap on their doorsteps on New Year’s Eve to say goodbye to 2020 and for a much better 2021 when, hopefully, vaccination will allow everyone to return to a normal life.

“I hope the Labour leadership will be willing to keep the lights on for at least 30 minutes over New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day,” added Councillor Mike Prew.

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