Stress Illnesses Hits Staff Working At Caerphilly Council

More than 25,000 days were lost due to stress-related health issues at Caerphilly Council during the last year, figures obtained by Plaid Cymru reveal.

And a Freedom of Information response said that 25, 161.89 FTE (full-time equivalent) days lost were due to stress; depression; neurasthenia; mental health; fatigue; work-related stress in 2021-22.

The response showed that an average 14.1 days were lost per employee at the council because of sickness in 2021-22.

Councillor Lindsay Whittle, leader of the opposition Plaid Cymru group, said the figures of stress-related health issues were worrying.

“Of course, employees suffering from stress is obviously not unique to Caerphilly Council and I sympathise with everyone who suffers.

“Life is very tough for so many at present because of the cost-of-living crisis with rocketing food and energy prices but I’m aware the council has wellbeing policies in place.

“I would like to see staff being encouraged to return to the office. For three years now home working has existed and I know that there are some employees who feel lonely and don’t feel part of a team any longer.

“It goes without saying that maximum support of those who suffer from the range of stress issues is vital. Doing so may well bear fruit in the future and lead to a reduction in sickness absences which will obviously benefit the individual and the council,” added Councillor Lindsay Whittle.


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