Vital Work To Tips Be Completed Before Autumn Rains, Say Plaid Cymru

(Pictured left to right is Delyth Jewell MS, Marc Hubbard and Daniel Llewellyn)

Plaid Cymru is calling for all remedial work on the Bedwas Tips to be completed well before the autumn rains to provide reassurance for Trethomas residents living near the site.

Inspection reports carried out on Bedwas Tips 114 and 115 since March 2020 have been obtained following Freedom of Information requests to Caerphilly Council by Plaid Cymru.

Among the issues highlighted in the reports are:

  • Tip 115: Large ravines are present on slope to continue to monitor. Cause for concern, especially with angle of slope and building.
  • Erosion continuing on the West side of Tip  115.
  • Bottom drainage channel on Tip 114 very overgrown and needs cutting back.
  • Small amount of debris in front of culvert grid on Tip 114.
  • Bottom Overflow on Tip 114 is only flowing half- bore.

Delyth Jewell, MS, wrote to Welsh Government Minister Lesley Griffiths in February  in the wake of flooding across south-east Wales after a constituent raised concerns over the safety of the Bedwas Tips.

Delyth Jewell, who is standing in Caerphilly at next year’s Senedd Elections, said: “The inspection reports provide a comprehensive list of issues and concerns at the tips that need addressing. I’ve been made aware that work is planned during August and it is vital all work is completed well before the autumn when rain can be expected.

“I’m aware that issues like the large ravines which gave inspectors cause for concern were identified in March but were still being highlighted in July.  I would have expected this type of issue to have addressed immediately rather than wait for a programme of works.”

Trethomas Plaid Cymru campaigner Marc Hubbard said: “The inspection reports do highlight a wide range of issues that need tackling from fly tipping through to debris in front of a culvert grid and large ravines which are bulging.

“Unfortunately most of the area is easily accessible although it is supposed to be securely fenced particularly as the lagoon is potentially dangerous. Children can just walk in to the site and potentially could fall in and drown.”

Bedwas community councillor Daniel Llewellyn added: “well as tackling the defects highlighted in the tip reports, it is crucial that the land around the tip is secured to prevent access, otherwise there could be a tragedy.

“I welcome the monthly inspections but going forward I’d  also like to see issues of concern  that are pinpointed dealt with very quickly to provide reassurance to people living around the tips in Trethomas.”

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